Pre - Employment Screening report

Corporate Training by Mumbai's first MIND MAP TRAINER

We Provide Special Corporate Packages

For Corporate bodies:

We give ideas on how to place the right talent in the right position within your company structure in the pre-employment screening process

We empower your staff and ultimately, help you discover and utilise their hidden talents for increasing efficiency.

Build all-star teams so that you can optimise your workforce for peak performance

We offer Human Resource Pre/Post-employment screening and development and assist you in evaluating your management level for better productivity

Corporate Testimonials

BRAINKEY has been fantastic with us through this journey and we have fond the test very Fruitful
-SAJAN THOMAS (Head, Human Resources )

Corporate DMIT Report has been a big boost for me professionally to know my areas of strength and areas of improvement which will help me achieve my goals and targets
-Kavita Ahuja (Territory Manager, Mumbai)