Testimonials by our clients

To Good to know about my sons learning style, good tips were given in counselling which will help us to handle him in better way as per his behavior and strengths.
WONDERFUL experience, I will do it for my elder daughter also to know her career and inborn talent, very nice counselling, totally satisfied with the report and counselling was excellent
Its quite interesting to understand the different aspects of our child with such kind of test, most of tips looks compatible with the current behavior of my son, Look foward for implementation of the suggested tips
I am totally satisfied with all the reports, now with this report I can understand my son better and will act accordingly, Good to know his strengths and weakness. Thank you so much!
It was really Excellent experience for us, We are Thankful to you for such a frank behavior in letting us know the right path and career for our child, It is completely satisfactory session, will refer every parent to do this Test from BRAINKEY and unlock their child Talents.
It was lovely to know the "REAL ME" AND LEARNT A LOT, As a professor/ Teacher - Before suggesting it to my students and school I personally did it for myself, now I can recommend it with the benefits:)
Very good, very helpful and very important test and counselling needed by every parent today, I being teacher suggest every parent to do it after m experience and satisfaction, totally satisfied and happy with the report. Good to know my son strength and weakness.
Both my wife and me being are working parent, we don't get time to spend with our daughter, today knowing her Emotional Quotients, Creativity Quotients and her strengths, we will give her more time and change our attitude, we are very thankful to BRAINKEY for such a wonderful counselling.