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We at BRAINKEY have been involved in numerous projects related to career guidance and career development in India. We strive to support organizations and individuals by making their visions, dreams, and goals become a reality. Our deep study clearly portrays India as a classic example of improper utilization of its millions of human resources. Youths have degrees but no career competencies whereas industry is struggling to find skilled workers. At the career building stage, students waste their irreversible time and money due to unplanned career direction and "let's see what happens" attitude. In this age of uncertainty and cut-throat competition, everyone wants to ensure success in career and life.

Below are few facts based on our research and study.

Our research indicates that, more than 76% of students choose wrong career options due to lack of knowledge about themselves. Parents too are not aware of the inborn talents and learning style of their child and unnecessarily pressurize them for good result or marks. In a research conducted nationwide, we found that more the 44% students want to be a Doctor, Engineer, IAS, IPS or Pilot. While 23% is ready to choose a career that his/her friend opts for. About 7% wants their parents to decide as they know the best. There were 9% students who want to join our Army and serve the country and the remaining 17% is not sure with “Let’s See Attitude”. Students and Parents are not aware of other career opportunities , Even so called Career Counsellor are also on the same track as they too are not aware of other possible career opportunities.

We at BRAINKEY have developed a very vital tool called DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) to guide you for a bright and successful career in a scientific way. The scientific study and analysis of finger prints is called Dermatoglyphics and several researches have been done across the globe on the same. If brain is considered to be a micro processor, then the finger prints are considered to be the script/diagram. The above study clearly indicates that DMIT is very much required to select a bright and successful career ahead. The DMIT report will give a clear picture of individuals Innate Talent and Learning Style that will help to focus on the areas where one can outshine and choose a successful career The commitments of BRAINKEY, as a professionals organisation concerned with the provision of quality services, research, and advocacy on behalf of educational and vocational choices, requires adherence to a code of ethics that guides the actions of Career Development Professionals, provides evaluative criteria for self-assessments and informs the public of expected standards of professionals practices and behaviour. Our holistic view of the career sector enables us to lead, define practice and develop resources improving the quality of career decision making by students and their parents. Miracle Brain provides authentic and impartial career guidance which opens the doors of success and shapes the destiny of the individuals.


"To Good to know about my sons learning style, good tips were given in counselling which will help us to handle him in better way as per his behavior and strengths." - (DR.Gunjan Soni) EURO KIDS

"WONDERFUL experience, I will do it for my elder daughter also to know her career and inborn talent, very nice counselling, totally satisfied with the report and counselling was excellent " -(SHANKAR SINGH, BANK MANAGER) EURO KIDS

" Its quite interesting to understand the different aspects of our child with such kind of test, most of tips looks compatible with the current behavior of my son, Look foward for implementation of the suggested tips" -(RAJESH BARATHE, BUSINESSMAN) EURO KIDS

" I am totally satisfied with all the reports, now with this report I can understand my son better and will act accordingly, Good to know his strengths and weakness. Thank you so much!" - (PUNITA DAS, TEACHER) BSM School